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Tasmania - Diffuser essential oil blend - Cajeput, Blood orange, Eucalyptus

Diffuser essential oil blend

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We hope you enjoy this uplifting blend and will come back for more or try other scents. Here are a few facts on the steam-distilled essential oils we used in this blend.

Cajeput oil, also known as white tea tree oil, cajaput oil, and by other names, has many medicinal virtues: antiseptic, analgesic, etc.  It is also known to reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

With its uplifting aroma, Blood Orange oil reduces stress, anxiety, and nervous tension. Additionally, it cleanses skin, promotes good circulation, and boosts immunity.

Eucalyptus oil is a real panacea! It is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and expectorant. It reduces stress, promotes mental clarity, and helps improve focus. It also heals sores and wounds.

Now, just close your eyes, breathe, relax, and let the beautiful scent transport you to faraway lands.

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